About Us

Firstly, thank you for visiting my site, I'm Hannah *waves* the one behind Novella Prints. 
You may wonder, why Novella Prints? The name Novella comes from my Grandmother. Ella is a family name (and in its variations) goes as far back as the 1600's. With my love of genealogy, the name became the perfect fit. As for 'Print' I knew I wanted that word or a version of as everything is printed. Thus; Novella Prints.
Always the creative mind, whether it's art, d.i.y, writing or even makeup, Novella Prints started as an untitled project when I found the planner community back in 2015. Currently in its early days, I cannot wait to see this grow bigger and bigger.
So, why not follow? You can find all social media links below and please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions. 
We cannot wait to hear from you,
Novella Prints